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Bib apron

Reference: CF40

Bib apron

Reference: CF40

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Discover the art of professional wear with our proudly Portuguese-made Bib Apron. This unisex apron, crafted from durable twill, delivers an efficient, practical, and economical solution for your workwear needs. Whether you're a chef crafting culinary masterpieces, a barista brewing the perfect cup, a florist arranging beautiful bouquets, or an artist creating your next masterpiece, our Bib Apron ensures you remain clean, presentable, and professional throughout the day.

Our apron is designed with functionality in mind. It features a convenient pocket on the right, perfect for storing tools, pens, or any other essentials you need within easy reach. The apron is adjustable at the neck by a sturdy metallic buckle and ties at the waist, ensuring a comfortable fit for any body size or shape.

But our Bib Apron isn't just about utility. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, it's as stylish as it is practical. Whether you prefer classic black, pristine white, or something more vibrant, we offer a colour to suit your personal style or match your brand.

Invest in a Bib Apron today and experience the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, comfort, and efficiency. Made in Portugal, worn by professionals worldwide.

Product Information

CF40.Verde Maçã137.Único
Height x Width
85cm X 76cm
Ties lenght
Twill - The most common fabric in the uniform sector, due to its excellent cost-benefit ratio. It is a flat and malleable fabric, resistant and durable.
65% Polyester / 35% Cotton - A polyester / cotton mixed fabric garment has the advantages of both fibers. It combines the resistance of cotton with the quick-drying polyester. It's a great combination for workwear garments.
200 g/m2
Brand's country of origin
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A 100% Portuguese manufacturer with 25 years on the market, it's Concept Fardas partner for customized productions and collections. 

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