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Payment methods

Online payment can only be made via:

With a PayPal account, you can choose to pay with your credit card associated with this service or with your PayPal account balance.
If you select this mode, you will be redirected to the PayPal page where you must authenticate and validate the payment.
After validation, you will return to the Concept Fardas’ Order Confirmation page.

ATM Reference
If you choose this payment method, you will receive payment details in the Order Confirmation menu.
This data includes:
Entity, Reference and Value.
In addition to the information displayed immediately on the Order Confirmation page, you will also receive this same information in the registered email.
Payment can be made at any ATM, by homebanking or telebanking.

The Customer has 7 days to pay for his order. After this period the references will no longer be valid.
All operations and transactions are carried out through SIBS and Banco de Portugal.

Payment by MBWAY is exclusive in Portugal.
If you choose this payment method, you will be asked for your mobile number when selecting the payment method.
After confirming this payment method and entering the phone number associated with your MBWAY account, you will receive a notification of pending payment on your mobile phone. For the payment to be validated, you must accept the transaction directly in the application.
If you have not received the notification on your mobile phone, you must access the application, select the Activity option and check for a pending payment.

Credit card
If you choose this payment method, you will be asked for your credit card number, its validity and CVC.
After entering the before mentioned data, you must confirm all the information on the page again by pressing Proceed to payment, the payment will be immediately processed on your card and the order will be validated in our services.

Install the Klarna application and create your user account.
The application allows you to create a virtual card that pays your purchase in three separate times, with no added tax.
Valid for purchases over €35.

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