The Company

We are a young dynamic team with creative spirit and a strong will to do more and better! We exist to uncomplicate the process of changing or renew your company's uniforms. How do we do that? We've been offering a reliable a safe online shop for 7 years now where you are able to simply choose the best fit for your company and receive it in the comfort or your address.
Concept Fardas is much more than an online shop, and this is why we count on a Sales and Design Team that will make sure your projects regarding the uniforms of you company come to life with absolute transparency and efficiency.
Internally, our selection of suppliers and partners reflect an increasingly reduction of our environment footprint in opposition to an increasingly higher social footprint. 

Our Values

We are oriented towards principles that guide us since the first drafts of the products to end user delivery. From these principles we highlight the following:

- We value the honesty and credibility of our services acting with total transparency.
- We value the quality as well as the market tendencies always considering the durability and comfort of all the products.
- Permanent innovation in the services we provide.
- Close and professional communication with all the entities that take place in our value chain.