Romain Chefs jacket

Reference: 101404

Romain Chefs jacket

Reference: 101404

Luxury with sporty look

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Step into your kitchen with the Romain Chef's Jacket from Le Nouveau Chef, a luxurious blend of style and comfort. This chef jacket is more than just a uniform, it's an embodiment of culinary sophistication and professionalism. The standout feature of the Romain Chef's Jacket is its two-layered collar, designed for maximum comfort around the neck. The jacket is designed with a super soft fabric that is gentle on the skin, making it comfortable for long hours in the kitchen.

The back and sleeves of the jacket use a sustainable stretch fabric, allowing for optimal movement and flexibility. This ensures you can perform your culinary tasks with ultimate ease and comfort. The Romain Chef's Jacket is a testament to Le Nouveau Chef's commitment to quality and sustainability.

Le Nouveau Chef is a globally renowned luxury uniform brand, trusted by chefs worldwide. Its logo is a symbol of high-end quality and is recognized in kitchens all over the world. When you wear the Romain Chef's Jacket, you're not just wearing a uniform, you're wearing a badge of honor that represents your passion and dedication to the culinary arts. Choose Le Nouveau Chef's Romain Chef's Jacket for a premium, comfortable, and stylish culinary experience.

Product Information

101404040.Patriot Blue.S
Woven and knitted polo piqué
Front: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester | Back and Sleeves: 55% Bio-cotton / 45% Recycled PET
Other Features
Easy to iron; 4-way stretch fabric; Moisture regulation fabric; Apron add-on with press stud
Brand's country of origin
Country of production
European Union

Le Nouveau Chef

A worldwide famous chef clothing brand, with unique designs and a strong environmental conscience. 

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