Norian Chefs Jacket

Reference: 901409

Norian Chefs Jacket

Reference: 901409

Loose style T-shirt, oversized

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Introducing the Norian Chef's Jacket from the globally renowned Le Nouveau Chef - a symbol of luxury, comfort, and style in professional kitchen attire. Le Nouveau Chef is a trusted name in providing premium uniform solutions for culinary professionals worldwide, and the Norian Chef's Jacket is no exception.

This collarless, oversized t-shirt is expertly designed to provide a perfect blend of style and functionality. Crafted from a luxurious, soft stretch fabric, this jacket ensures the ultimate comfort for those long hours in the kitchen. It's not just a chef's jacket, it's a statement of sophistication and elegance, reflecting the passion and dedication you bring to your culinary art.

The Norian Chef's Jacket is a versatile piece, apt for both kitchen and service employees. Its sleek design and high-quality finish make it a perfect fit for any setting - be it a bustling kitchen or a sophisticated dining area.

When you don the Norian Chef's Jacket, you're not just wearing a uniform, you're wearing a badge of honor, a symbol of your commitment to excellence. So, elevate your workwear game and experience the blend of luxury and comfort with the Norian Chef's Jacket from Le Nouveau Chef. Make your mark in the culinary world with style and grace.

Product Information

50% Cotton / 48% Polyester / 2% EOL
Other Features
Easy to iron; 4-way stretch fabric; Apron add-on with press stud
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European Union

Le Nouveau Chef

A worldwide famous chef clothing brand, with unique designs and a strong environmental conscience. 

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