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Golden cardigan

Reference: SL90011

Golden cardigan

Reference: SL90011

Fastens with buttons

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Introducing the Golden 90011 Men's Knit Jacket by Sol's, a leading French brand known for its extensive range of professional and promotional attire. The Golden 90011 is a perfect blend of timeless design and modern finishes, crafted to deliver a polished, professional look.

The jacket features a classic V-neck style, a mainstay of men's fashion that never goes out of trend. The inserted sleeves add a touch of sophistication and ensure a comfortable fit. The composition of the jacket includes ribbed elastane at the bottom and cuffs, a feature that guarantees the garment maintains its shape even after prolonged use.

The placket, made of matching knit buttons, adds a neat finishing touch, complementing the overall design of the jacket. The modern finishes in the armholes underscore the brand's attention to detail and commitment to creating high-quality products.

As a practical addition, the Golden 90011 jacket comes with a spare button sewn into the inner side seam, ready for any unforeseen button emergencies.

The Golden 90011 jacket by Sol's is not just a garment; it's a statement of style and quality, ideal for the modern professional who values both fashion and functionality.

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49% Cotton / 49% Acrylic / 2% Polyamid
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French manufacturer of workwear, with excellent quality-price ratio and product diversity.

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