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3 in 1 parka

Reference: K657

3 in 1 parka

Reference: K657

3 in 1 functional parka

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Experience the ultimate in outdoor protection with the 3in1 K657 Parka from Kariban, a renowned French brand boasting a wide range of professional clothing. This unisex parka is a must-have for anyone working in challenging weather conditions, from construction and outdoor maintenance workers to security personnel and outdoor event staff.

The 3in1 K657 Parka is more than just a jacket; it's a three-in-one solution for cold, wind, and rain. The parka acts as a windbreaker, with a waterproof PVC coating and thermobonded, waterproofed seams for excellent water resistance. This, combined with a removable hood, provides comprehensive protection from the elements.

Inside, the parka features a polar fleece jacket for extra warmth. This inner jacket is made of micro polar fleece and can be worn alone or combined with the parka for maximum insulation. It comes with a full-length zipper and two side pockets, offering both comfort and functionality.

And we didn't forget about customization! The parka has a zipper access for personalization, allowing you to add your company's logo or your name. With four front pockets on the parka and a soft fleece lining on the collar, the 3in1 K657 from Kariban is a versatile, practical, and cozy option for all your outdoor professional needs.

Stay protected and stylish with Kariban’s 3in1 K657 Parka, where quality meets functionality.

Product Information

100% Polyester - easy to maintain, as it does not crease, shrinks very little and resists difficult stains. However, it absorbs less moisture than cotton, which makes it less comfortable in direct contact with the skin.
Exterior: 245 gr/m2 | Inner jacket: 280 gr/m2
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4000 mm Water-Resistant
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French manufacturer of premium quality workwear.

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