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Bix Parka

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Padded jacket

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Introducing the K616 Bix Parka from Kariban, a renowned French brand known for its wide range of professional wear. This unisex parka combines functionality, comfort, and durability in one stylish package. It is made from robust fabric that is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while providing the utmost comfort.

The K616 Bix Parka features two front pockets with secure zip closure to store your essentials safely. Inside, you'll find two additional pockets - one specifically designed for your mobile phone, complete with a velcro closure for added security. Ensuring you're prepared for all weather conditions, the parka comes with an integrated hood housed within the collar.

The cuffs are adjustable with velcro, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. The collar is lined with a polar fleece for added warmth and comfort during colder days. For those looking for a more personalized touch, the parka has a zip access for customization.

The K616 Bix Parka is an ideal solution for outdoor uniforms, making it a perfect choice for security personnel or doormen. With its combination of style, function, and comfort, this parka not only keeps you warm and dry but also enhances your professional look. Experience the difference in quality with Kariban's K616 Bix Parka.

Product Information

K677.Snow Grey.S
Oxford - Robust and easy care fabric, Oxford garments are resistant to dirt and intensive wear.
100% Polyester - easy to maintain, as it does not crease, shrinks very little and resists difficult stains. However, it absorbs less moisture than cotton, which makes it less comfortable in direct contact with the skin.
Interior Composition
Exterior: 250 gr/m2 | Interior: 300 gr/m2
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French manufacturer of premium quality workwear.

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