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Slim fit shirt

Reference: K531

Slim fit shirt

Reference: K531

Slim fit

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Introducing the K531 Slim Fit shirt by Kariban, a renowned French brand that excels in providing professional clothing. This men's short sleeve shirt is designed with modern professionals in mind, ensuring both style and functionality are at the forefront of this fashionable piece.

Crafted from an elasticated fabric, the K531 Slim Fit shirt allows for exceptional comfort and unrestricted movement throughout your day, whether you're in an office setting or on the move. Its slim fit cut gives a sophisticated, contemporary look that is suitable for a variety of professions, from corporate executives to creative industry professionals.

The shirt features a one-button collar, adding a subtle touch of elegance to your professional attire. The buttons are color-matched to the shirt, creating a seamless look that adds to its polished appearance. Double stitching is implemented for added durability, ensuring this shirt can stand up to the demands of daily wear.

An extra button is included for convenience, and the rounded hem offers a neat finish, whether you choose to wear it tucked in or out. The K531 Slim Fit shirt by Kariban is more than just a shirt; it's a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, style, and the needs of modern professionals.

Product Information

97% Cotton / 3% Elastane - combination of cotton, a resistant and durable fiber that allows the body to breathe, with a small percentage of elastane, which will allow greater range of movement for the user.; Cotton is the most used fiber in industry, due to its resistance and durability. It is comfortable and releases moisture, generating well-being for the user. By including a percentage of elastane, this product allows the user greater freedom of movement.
120 g/m2
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French manufacturer of premium quality workwear.

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