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Puma Airtwist Grey

Reference: 0124073

Puma Airtwist Grey

Reference: 0124073

Confort and technology

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Next level of cushioning the new definition of the sport-inspired performance shoe motion protect is the perfect symbiosis of cushioning, energy return and design. A real novelty is the sole construction with innovative impulse.foam® midsole with anti-fatigue technology for fatigue-free working. Impulse.foam® actively releases up to 55% of the wearer's energy, providing maximum cushioning, stability and long-lasting comfort. The up to 300 ° c heat-resistant, non-slip rubber outsole (hro, src) provides safety with every step and is also extremely durable.with the rush 2.0 mid, a collar made of stretch fabric replaces the conventional dust flap (mono-sock variant). This material provides optimum adaptability with every movement and allows easy entry. The evercusion®ba footbed supports the foot in its natural rolling motion. The highly breathable evercushion® foam wicks away sweat and ensures a pleasant microclimate in the shoe. The anatomical shape with longitudinal arch support protects joints and ligaments from injury.

Product Information

Grained water repellent leather
No metal; FAP: This ergonomically shaped footbed provides a correct position and optimum support. The hydrophobic, antibacterial fabric cover improve and balance the foot climate, while a cushioning pad at the heel absorbs the impacts from outside.; EVERCUSHION®: Insole with anatomic design and high confort and humidity control. Used in high performance footwear, foam that does not compress over high usage and regulates humidity.
The Triple Density technology gives you the most important of three soles in one. Experience a new form of stability, flexibility and comfort.; EVA and nitrile rubber
Other Features
Fiber glass safety toecap
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Puma Safety

Shoe range for professionals from the well-known sports shoe manufacturer Puma.

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