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Reference: WK307

Pro Shirt

Reference: WK307

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Introducing the WK307 from WK - Designed to Work, a French brand renowned for its wide range of professional apparel. The WK307 is an expertly crafted garment, designed to meet the demands of various professions requiring robust and practical attire.

Constructed from a unique Vortex yarn, the WK307 is pilling-resistant, ensuring a polished, professional appearance even after prolonged use. The fabric undergoes an enzyme wash, which enhances the softness and smoothness of the garment, and making it more comfortable to wear during long working hours.

The WK307's jersey fabric boasts an antibacterial treatment, promoting a healthier and more hygienic work environment. This makes it an ideal choice for healthcare workers, food service professionals, and those working in industries where hygiene is paramount.

The garment features a straight cut, allowing for ease of movement and maximum comfort. It is machine washable at 60°C, providing practicality and ease of care, a vital aspect for busy professionals.

The design detail includes a round neckline with a contrasting back neck tape in jersey fabric, a rib-knit 1x1 neckline, and double stitching on the sleeves and hem, adding to its durability and aesthetic appeal.

In sum, the WK307 from WK - Designed to Work combines durability, comfort, and style – a versatile garment designed for the modern professional.

Product Information

Jersey knit - 2 different faces, the right side is smooth while wrong side looks like a wave with a line through it. This knit is mostly used in t-shirts. This knit is easy to print due to it's even and smooth surface.
65% Polyester / 35% Cotton - A polyester / cotton mixed fabric garment has the advantages of both fibers. It combines the resistance of cotton with the quick-drying polyester. It's a great combination for workwear garments.
Other Features
Enzyme-washed - soft to the touch; Machine washable up to 60ºC; Antibacterial fabric
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WK Designed to Work

Professional clothing brand for the industry and services area, which offers technical products, adapted to the most complex requirements and specific needs of each business.

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