Eden apron

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Eden apron

Reference: 301198

Crossed rear straps

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Elevate your everyday cooking experience with the Eden bib apron from the globally recognized luxury uniform brand, Le Nouveau Chef. Known for their high-quality chef clothing, this apron is no exception, combining practicality with style. Crafted from heavy-duty denim fabric, the Eden bib apron is designed to withstand daily wear and tear and still maintain its aesthetic appeal.

The apron features crossed rear straps, providing a secure fit and comfort during long cooking hours. The front pocket not only adds to the utility but is also embellished with the signature Le Nouveau Chef logo, a symbol of sophistication and quality in kitchens worldwide.

The clean, minimalist design of the Eden bib apron ensures it pairs perfectly with any outfit, making it an essential accessory for both professional chefs and home cooks. Experience the blend of comfort, durability, and style that Le Nouveau Chef promises with the Eden bib apron.

When you wear Le Nouveau Chef, you're not just wearing an apron - you're wearing a mark of excellence. Order your Eden bib apron today, and experience the difference in quality and style that chefs around the world swear by.

Product Information

301198070.Heavy Green Denim.78x84cm
Height x Width
84cm X 78cm
Twill or Denim
Black: 65% Pol / 35% Alg | Denim: 55% Alg / 45% Pol
Brand's country of origin
Country of production
European Union

Le Nouveau Chef

A worldwide famous chef clothing brand, with unique designs and a strong environmental conscience. 

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