Nero Chefs jacket

Reference: 106001

Nero Chefs jacket

Reference: 106001

Fastens with zipper

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Introducing the Nero Chef's Jacket by Le Nouveau Chef, a symbol of luxury and practicality that takes your culinary experience to new heights. This modern chef jacket for men is designed with a unique double collar and a versatile two-way zipper, allowing you to open the jacket from both the top and bottom. This feature not only offers extra freedom of movement but also gives you the ability to vary your style, making it an essential piece of attire for any ambitious chef.

The Nero Chef's Jacket is tailored to fit perfectly along the body, significantly enhancing your level of comfort and allowing you to focus solely on your craft. This high-quality jacket is the epitome of Le Nouveau Chef's commitment to combining style, comfort, and practicality in the kitchen.

Le Nouveau Chef is a global leader in luxury uniforms, with a particular emphasis on Chef's attire. The brand's logo is instantly recognizable in kitchens worldwide, symbolizing a premium product that's worn by the most sophisticated chefs. Choosing the Nero Chef's Jacket means choosing excellence, and aligning yourself with the professionals in the culinary world. Make a statement about your commitment to quality and style with the Nero Chef's Jacket by Le Nouveau Chef.

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65% Polyester / 35% Cotton - A polyester / cotton mixed fabric garment has the advantages of both fibers. It combines the resistance of cotton with the quick-drying polyester. It's a great combination for workwear garments.
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Easy to iron; Apron add-on with press stud
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European Union

Le Nouveau Chef

A worldwide famous chef clothing brand, with unique designs and a strong environmental conscience. 

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