Begonia tunic

Reference: GY634800

Begonia tunic

Reference: GY634800

Sleeveless, bicolor

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Experience the epitome of style and comfort with the Begonia Tunic. This women's tunic, expertly crafted from high-quality polyester, is designed to offer maximum comfort and an ease of care that is sure to appeal. With its unique sleeveless design, the Begonia Tunic stands out from the crowd, offering a modern twist on a classic wardrobe staple. Secured with a convenient zipper closure, this stylish piece ensures a perfect fit for every woman.

Perfect for the busy professional, the Begonia Tunic is effortlessly chic and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for those who value both style and practicality. Whether you're a healthcare professional looking for a comfortable uniform, a teacher in need of easy-to-care-for work attire, a spa therapist looking for a uniform that promotes freedom of movement, or a retail worker seeking a stylish yet practical outfit, the Begonia Tunic is a versatile piece that suits various professions.

Not only is the Begonia Tunic a testament to functional fashion, but its easy-care fabric also makes it a breeze to maintain. Say goodbye to tiresome laundering - with this low-maintenance piece, you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time worrying about your wardrobe.

Step into your professional world with confidence and style - choose the Begonia Tunic. The perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and style is just a click away.

Product Information

100% Polyester - easy to maintain, as it does not crease, shrinks very little and resists difficult stains. However, it absorbs less moisture than cotton, which makes it less comfortable in direct contact with the skin.
150 g/m2
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Easy to iron
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Spain | Morocco


Spanish manufacturer of professional clothing for different areas and sectors.

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